Activities & What to visit

La Selva is a region with centuries of history and culture covering an area of 1.030,6 km2. This history can be seen over prehistoric sites, roman thermal baths, castles and watchtowers, catalan country houses, modernist constructions and an infinity of patrimonial elements. Plus local traditions, museums of different kind and a privileged natural environment.

You can visit charming rural villages, as Osor, Amer, the ancient neighborhood of Anglés, the Romanesque bridge in Sant Julià, El Coll, Susqueda’s reservoir, the Shrine’s Road, Girona and the Jewish neighborhood, Crosa de Sant Dalmai’s volcano, Fageda d’en Jordà forest, Botanical Garden of Blanes, etc.

Activities near Can Vila




Sport activities



Ter’s river section between Susqueda and Bonmati, is a catch & release fishing Reserve, and it is considered one of the best European trout fishing spots. A daily pass is needed, which we can arrange for you.

Mountain bikes and endure motorcycles

Countless tracks for you to enjoy with your bike or motorcycle.

Hiking and Carrilet

The old Girona-Olot train track has become the Carrilet’s Road, which passes right by our door.


Touristic visits


Sant Julià de Llor’s streets

Sant Julià de Llor is a rural village conformed by spread country houses. It has a center, low populated, with three groups of houses making picturesque and rambling streets: Vell’s street, at the bottom of the mountain of Sant Julià and by Ter river shore, has some houses with engraved lintels from the 18th century.

Ancient bridge of Sant Julià de Llor

The bridge is in an ancient Roman road that, from the town of Gerunda, penetrates the mountainous terrain following the leftmost shore of the Ter river. The restoration works could confirm the roman origins of the enormous founding stones that support the archways. The current bridge is considered one of the eminent examples of the late civil gothic architecture.

The Hermitage of Sant Julia de Llor

Church parish, probably pre-Roman, cited in documents of the ancient Amer monastery (949 AD). The church is found at the top of one of the municipalities’ tallest mountains (approximately 295m tall), and has a completely restored interior.


The Castle of Saint Coloma of Farners

In the neighboring locality of Santa Coloma de Farners we can visit the Castle of Farners, originally from the XI century and recently restored. It has a cylindrical central tower, more than 12 meters high, and various barricades and castle walls. From there on we can also visit interesting panoramic views of the region.

Old Village of Tossa

Just steps away from the eponymous beach there is the ancient fortified town sharing the same name. Here you can enjoy sightseeing the fortifications, taking long, pleasurable walks around the old town center, and amazing panoramas of the sea, that may make you remember the past.

Interesting natural landmarks



Beautiful landscaping project, with the Far Cliffs as the spotlight. Due to its unique location in the humid region of Catalunya, it is abundant with Atlantic flora.

The Ponds of Sils

Wet, marshy area formed by a small system of river tributaries, vestiges of the former humid plains of the region.

Crosa de Sant Dalmai

A small set of volcanic areas of extreme singularity and rarity, with an explosion crater that is one of the major exponents of volcanism in the Catalan lands.